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Coordinator (Cultural ): Dr. Seema Sharma,Assoc.Prof. Applied Chemistry

Cultural Report

Apart from academics, extracurricular activity plays a major role in the overall personality development of an individual. Participating in cultural activities gives the chance to students to develop the confidence and gives them skills of organizing, management and problem solving.

Our college provides a better chance to all the students to participate in College, State, Universities and National level cultural fests, few major events of our college students are listed below :-





Our College Annual fest “TARRANUM”: - Tarranum is Annual Fest of our own college. It is two days of thorough celebration whole of the college is involved in it. It includes two days and two nights celebration. There is batch wise competition.

In the day time students participate in :-


1. Literary events :-

  • Debate.
  • Group Discussion.
  • Face off .
  • Volte face.

2. Informal events :-


  • Rangoli making.
  • Face painting.
  • Tattoo making.
  • Roadies

In the night time students participate in :-

  • Dances ( Folk dance, Western dance, Duet dance, Dance to the beat).
  • Singing (Solo, Duet).
  • Star Nights.
  • Fashion Show.
  • Play by professionals.
  • Bhangra performance by college team.

Batch wise marks are given to winners and finally a batch trophy is given to the winners batch . In 2011 the winner batch was 2010.

Participation at IIT-Kanpur fest “ANTRAGINI-2011” : - Every year IIT Colleges celebrate their Annual fest on the National level and all of the colleges from whole India are invited to participate and show best in them. It is a 4 days festival “ANTRAGINI”. There are competitions in several streams like Folk dances, Fine arts, Nukad natak Western dances, Debates, Poem recitation etc. Judges are those people who are best in their streams. Our college students participated in ANTRAGINI-2011 and won many prizes as listed below:-


  • Our college Bhangra team has bagged 1st position in “Folk-Dance”.
  • Also bagged 2nd position in Duet Dance.


Participation at THAPAR University “SATURNALIA” :- Thapar university organizes its annual function every year under the SATURNALIA. It invites all the colleges from whole of India to participate and show their capabilities. It is a 4 days festival. . There are competitions in several streams like Folk dances, Fine arts,Nukad natak Western dances, Debates, X-Files etc. Plays are performed on the platform. Some of our college achievements at “SATURNLIA” are listed below :-


  • Our college Bhangra team has bagged 1st position in “Bhangra at Dhol” in SATURNALIA .
  • Our college has bagged 2nd position in Nukad Natak
  • Our college bagged 1st position in Play competition.


Participation at PTU youth fest :- Youth-Fest is organized every year on the State level . All the college affliated to PTU Jallandhar participates in events like Singing, Folk dances like Giddha, Bhangra, Jhoomar etc. It is a 4 days festival. Some of achievements of our students are listed below :-


  • Got 1st position in Youth- fest at Zonal level held at GTBKCET (CHAPPIAWALI).
  • Won three gold medals in singing competitions.


Engineerings Day (15th September) :- Engineers day is celebrated every year on the birthday of Sir M.Visvesvaraya on 15th september. It is organized by engineers from Thermal plants, Military’s engineers, National Fertilizers Limited and engineering colleges in surrounding of Bathinda city. Our students are regularly participating in the celebration with great zeal an fervor.

Tarrunam 2011