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Three student win jury recommendation prize

The Tribune27-11-2015

Dainik Bhaskar27-11-2015

MRSSTU & GZSCCET p y hom ge to S heed K rt r Singh S r bh

D inik J gr n  19-11-2015

VC of MRSSTU s Chief guest t bh r t group of college convoc tion

D inik Bh sk r   19-11-2015

He lth dep rtment collected s mples from GZSCCET mess

The Tribune     19-11-2015

Birthd y of M h r j R njit singh celebr ted t MRSSTU

Hindust n Times  16-11-2015

Youth fest t Technic l University

D inik Bh sk r     7-11-2015

D inik J gr n         7-11-2015

Hindust n Times 7-11-2015

The Tribune               7-11-2015

Hindust n Times  8-11-2015


GZS College of eng students excel in sports

Hindust n Times  9-11-2015


MRSSTU Recruitment

D inik Bh sk r   6-11-2015

D inik J gr n     6-11-2015

The Tribune       6-11-2015

Hindust n Times 6-11-2015

Indi n Express    6-11-2015

MRSSTU won h ndb ll tourn ment

jit                6-11-2015

MRSSTU b thind (B sketb ll Tourn ment)

Indi n Express     23-10-2015

GZSCCET Clinch Over ll Trophy

The Tribune          19-10-2015

The Tribune          17-10-2015

D inik Bh sk r      17-10-2015

D inik J gr n         17-10-2015

N tion l conference on civil engineering begins t technic l university

The Tribune                       16-10-2015

D inik J gr n                   16-10-2015

D inik Bh sk r               16-10-2015

Inter-College B sketb ll Tourn ment

D inik J gr n                 15-10-2015

The Tribune                     15-10-2015

Officers give tips to engineering students bout venues in rmed forces

The Tribune                     15-10-2015

MRSSTU to st rt dv nce post gr du te course

Hindust n Times     14-10-2015

D inik Bh sk r         14-10-2015

Technic l university will m ke in 500 crore

D inik J gr n         14-10-2015

The Tribune               14-10-2015


Two d ys n tion l confrence in civil dep. of GZSCCET

D inik Bh sk r       14-10-2015

The Tribune             14-10-2015

14 thous nd students of 11district's of punj b will t ke dmissin in MRSSTU

jit                       14-10-2015

Dr. J.S Hund l in B lw nt G rgi Open ir The tre

D inik Bh sk r     12-10-2015

Tech v rsity org nises cross-country run

The Tribune               12-10-2015

Hindust n Times   12-10-2015

GZS C mpus college won inter college cross country tourn ment

D inik Bh sk r         11-10-2015

D inik J gr n             11-10-2015

City students shine in 'Zon s 2015'

The Tribune                 10-10-2015

T r nnum 2015: Over ll Trophy Won by B tch 2k13

The Tribune        09-10-2015

D inik J gr n      09-10-2015

D inik Bh sk r    09-10-2015


T rr num-2015  begins   t GZSCCET,B thind

D inik J gr n      6-10-2015

D inik Bh sk r    6-10-2015

The Tribune         6-10-2015


MRSSTU gets IU pprov l

Hindust n Times   5-10-2015

MRSSTU gets pprov l from IU

The Tribune 01-10-2015

GZSCCET Wins T ble Tennis Tourn ment

Deshsev k 01-10-2015







GZSCCET Wins Badminton Tournament

Hindustan Times     28-09-2015

Textile Engineering Students Land Jobs in Placement Drive

The Tribune       18-09-2015

Dainik Bhaskar   18-09-2015

Engineer's Day Celebrated

The Tribune   17-09-2015

MRSSTU gets UGC Approval

Hindustan Times   14-09-2015

GZS shines at A3 Foundation Event

The Tribune        14-09-2015

Dainik Bhaskar    14-09-2015

GZSCCET Gets Award

Hindustan Times  10-09-2015

Dainik Bhaskar    10-09-2015

GZSCCET Faculty Members Chair Conference on Computing Methods

The Tribune 08-09-2015

Teachers' Day Celebrated

The Tribune   07-09-2015

Dainik Jagran 07-09-2015

College welcomes New Students

The Tribune 07-09-2015

Need to inculcate creativity in budding architects : Expert

The Tribune 03-09-2015

150 Units of Blood Donated

The Tribune 03-09-2015

Dainik Bhaskar 03-09-2015

Workshop in GZSCCET

Dainik Jagran 02-09-2015

Bathinda Tech Varsity to Get Seven Deans

Hindustan Times 01-09-2015

BOG of Bathinda Varsity Set up

The Tribune 25-08-2015

Hindustan Times  25-08-2015

Punjab Kesari  25-08-2015

Dainik Bhaskar 25-08-2015

Punjabi Tribune 25-08-2015

Direct Admission Notice

Dainik Bhaskar 15-08-2015

Short Term Tender

The Tribune     14.08.2015

Meeting of all college's in Technical  Varsity Bathinda

Punjabi Tribune   13.08.2015

Research Should be taken to Graduation Level-VC

The Tribune    13-08-2015

Tender Notice for Emplanelment

Hindustan Times   09-08-2015

Anti Ragging

Dainik Bhaskar    06-08-2015

Admission Notice

GZSCCET Bathinda

JagBani            02-08-2015

Punjab Kesari   02-08-2015

The Tribune      02-08-2015


JagBani            02-08-2015

Punjab Kesari   02-08-2015

The Tribune      02-08-2015

Workshop in GZSCCET

Dainik Jagran 02-09-2015


VC Holds meeting with Principals

Hindustan Times    31-07-2015

Hoamge to Dr. Kalam by Heads of College

The Tribune                30-07-2015

Anti Ragging

Dainik Bhaskar             30-7-2015

Direct Admission Notice

The Tribune      25-07-2015

Dainik Bhaskar 25-07-2015

Dainik Jagran   25-07-2015

MRSSTU Research on Cancer

Dainik Bhaskar 23-07-2015

Short Term Course on Water Harvesting, Water Recycling and Water Resource Management

Dainik Jagran 23-07-2015

Dainik Bhaskar 23-07-2015

Bathinda Tribune 21-07-2015

Dainik Bhaskar    21-07-2015

Dainik Jagran             21-07-2015

Faculty Recruitments by MRSSTU Bathinda

Hindustan Times     18-07-2015

The Tribune            18-07-2015

Dainik Bhaskar       18-07-2015

Jag Bani                18-07-2015

Digital India

Dainik Bhaskar       30.7.15

Ajit                      08.07.2015

Dainik Bhaskar      08.07.2015

Dainik Jagran        08.07.2015

Punjab Kesari        08.07.2015

Bathinda Tribune    08.07.2015

Admission Notice

Hindustan Times  06.07.2015

The Tribune   05.07.2015

Ajit     05.07.2015

Dainik Bhaskar 04.07.2015

On Line Counselling for Academics Session 2015-16

Jag Bani 30.06.2015

Punjab Kesari 30.06.2015

Research Citation of GZS Campus Faculty

The Tribune 30.06.2015

First BOG Meeting of Maharaja Ranjit Singh State Technical University Bathinda

Indian Express 26.06.2015

Admissions to M.Sc. Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry

Ajit 13.06.2015

Dainik Bhasker 13.06.2015

The Tribune 13.06.2015

Students Placed

Hindustan Times 12.06.2015

Dainik Bhasker 12.06.2015

Companies on hiring spree at a GZS-PTU Campus

The Tribune 11.06.2015

Maharaja Ranjit Singh State Technical Univerity Gets VC

The Tribune 11.05.2015

Students Placed

Hindustan Times 11.05.2015

Maharaja Ranjit Singh State Technical Univerity Gets VC

Hindustan Times 07.05.2015

Dainik Jagran 06.05.2015

Message from VC Maharaja Ranjit Singh State Technical Univerity

The Tribune 05.05.2015

Dainik Bhasker 05.05.2015

Ajit 05.05.2015

Farewell Party @ Architecture

The Tribune      30.04.2015

Dainik Jagran    30.04.2015

Dainik Bhasker  30.04.2015

Yoga camp @GZS-PTU

The Tribune 29.04.2015

Dainik Bhasker 29.04.2015

Alumini Meet @ Textile Engg.

The Tribune         16.04.2015

Bathinda Tribune  16.04.2015

Dainik Bhasker     16.04.2015

Dainik Jagran       16.04.2015

Yantriki 2015

Hindustan Times 10.04.2015

Campus gets Preparedness Award

Hindustan Times  31.03.2015

Alumni Meet @ Textile

Dainik Bhaskar 19.03.2015

Architecture Students Wins Design Contest

Ajit 11.01.2015

The Tribune 12.01.2015

Dainik Jagran 12.01.2015



Dainik Bhaskar


Punjabi Jagran

GZS PTU Campus Students selected to get 6 Month Training at KOREA


The Tribune

Hindustan Times

Impulse 2013


Dainik Bhaskar

Visit To Old Age Home


The Tribune 

Inaugration of New PG Lecture Hall



Hindustan Times

Jag Bani

Punjab Kesari


Image Processing workshop


The Tribune

Impulse 2013


Dainik Bhaskar

Visit To Old Age Home


The Tribune

Inaugration of New PG Lecture Hall



Hindustan Times

Jag Bani

Punjab Kesari


Febuary 17th 2012

AART, PTU GZS Campus, organized an expert lecture on Sustainable Architecture

March 3rd and 4th 2012

Textile Engineering Department organised guest lectures

May 2012

Dr Sanjiv Aggarwal Shiksha Rattan Award

Cricket Tournament : PTU GZS Triumph over Banur


The Tribune

Short Term Course on Industy Institution Interaction


The Tribune

Techfest by Department of Computer Application


The Tribune

The Hindustan Times

Dainik Jagran

Dainik Bhaskar

Traffic Awareness Camp by Textile Engineering Department NSS Unit

The Tribune

Dainik Jagran

WorkShop in Textile Engg Department

The Tribune

Lecture on Research Methodolgy


The Tribune

Dainik Bhaskar

Course Correction in Engineering Trends


The Tribune

Seminar on Color Management


The Tribune

TREE PLANTATION by PTU GZSPTU to train staff for Bathinda Refinery


News Item


The Tribune

TREE PTU GZS Campus Fares Better in Admisions


The Tribune

PTU to train staff for Bathinda Refinery


The Tribune


Hindustan Times

The Tribune

Dainik Jagran

Dainik Bhaskar

New modern machine in Textile Engineering Department


The Tribune

Short Term Course on Research Methodology


Dainik Bhaskar

Dainik Jagran

The Tribune

National Conference


Dainik Jagran

Dainik Bhaskan


Dainik Jagran


The Tribune

Punjabi Tribune



Dainik Jagran

Inter Polytechnic Colleges Athletic Meet


The Tribune

Danik Bhaskar

PTU Atheletic MEET 2012


Dainik Jagran

Mechnoclique 2012


Hindustan Times


The Tribune

Amar Ujala

Dainik Jagran


Dainik Bhaskar

Conference of Civil Engg 2012


Hindustan Times


Dainik Bhaskar


The Tribune

Expert lecture by renowned Textile consultant

On 6th March 2012

The Tribune

Workshop on Etetical Hacking (Computer Center & C.Sc E)

Press Note

Hindustan Times

Guest Lecture (Architecture Deptt)


Press Note

Electronics Engg Deptt

Press Note

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